Mount Zion Baptist Church

~ Touching lives in the community~

Merry Christmas! 

Mount Zion Baptist Church

      On December 18, 2016, Mount Zion Baptist Church hosted a Christmas Celebration to spread joy within the community.   We wanted to have a positive impact while reminding the children, as well as the adults of the community,  the reason for this Christmas season!

      MZBC had fun, food, games, activities, and presents for children of all ages.  The kids had an amazing time.  We were able to bless each child with a present because of donations received by the community at large.  Zyloware Corporation, of Port Chester, NY, made the largest donation and we are so grateful for its continued support.  We, the MZBC family, are thankful for all the donations because we were able to put a smile on the face of each child (and adult). 

Christmas Community Celebration

Rev. Jared H. Feggans, Sr.